Mala Prayer Necklaces

What are Mala Prayer Necklaces?

Mala bead prayer necklaces have been used for centuries as a meditation tool. Originating in India, the beads were used to keep count during a mantra meditation. There are 108 beads because in ancient Vedic culture 108 was known as the number of existence. There are 108 sacred sites in India, there are said to be 108 Indian Goddess names, some say there are 108 Upanishads (texts of the wisdom of the ancient sages), and that's just a start.  Prayer necklaces started in the Hindu and Bhudist traditions, but have spread to other religions.  Catholics call them rosaries.

How to use Mala Prayer Necklace.

Sit in a comfortable position away from distractions. Set your intention and choose your mantra. Hold your beads in your right hand, and turn each bead between your thumb and your middle finger as you recite your mantra. Start at the large 'guru' bead and continue until you reach the guru bead again. 

Using essential oils with your Mala.

Our mala necklaces are made with lava beads which can hold essential oils.  Oils such as frankincense or lavender can be an additional aid in your meditation practice.  

Check out our lava bead diffuser necklace page for more information about caring for your necklace.

Peace.  Love.  Namaste.